Services in Bequia

Rig Checks - **Trusted by the World Cruising Club to Rig Check their fleet of World ARC Boats**

We are able to offer rig checks and thorough written reports, advise on work required and detail any safety concerns. We can replace or fix any issues at your request, in conjunction with our partners 

Engine Servicing

Troubleshooting engine and generator problems, routine servicing and parts sourcing. If we dont have the parts in stock (we have a lot!) then we are closely connected with reliable suppliers and are able to order and clear for you hassle free.

Carpentry and Interior Refits

Our experienced team do varnishing and take their time so it lasts, as well as structural rebuilds, major wood projects and the rejuvenation of damaged interiors.


Our team are experienced in diagnosing and fixing most day to day problems with refrigeration and we work closely with skilled technicians for those jobs we know need a fridge or air conditioning specialist.


Our engineers are often reinstalling and re-fixing electrical work as it is often not done correctly the first time around. We work closely with suppliers nearby and are able to install and diagnose most navigation and electrical systems faults and do installations as needed

Gel and Fibreglass

Our experienced team have plenty of experience fixing gel and fibreglass from basic touch ups to major structural repairs and rebuilds. We understand the skills of doing detailed paint work so we use contractors to carry out the jobs we cant do ourselves.

Additional Maintenance Services

This is just a selection of the services we offer and that are available in Bequia. If you require more information or have a specific issue you require us to look at that isn't listed, do ask us.