Peak Season In Water Guardienage

  • Ideal for when you need to leave your boat in the heart of the perfect cruising ground in order to fly home for a short time
  • Includes secure mooring in Bequia.  We have personally put down the ONLY LEGAL moorings in Bequia, so you can rest assured your yacht is in a safe location
  • Daily Line checks 
  • Ventilation
  • Running up the yachts systems
  • Includes bringing the yacht to the dock for your arrival (dock fee not included)


Island Information

Local knowledge, information, itinerary advice, crew briefings, restaurant bookings, anchorage and marina information, tour operator information - we have been living and chartering in the Grenadines for over 10 years so can assist with most questions.


Logistical situations, a part to be transferred between islands quickly, a last minute reservation with someone you dont know how to contact in the Grenadines - whatever it is, we can probably solve it.


Local Flight bookings, Airport Transfers, Connection Advice, Private Transfers, Lost Baggage, Inter Island Shipments, Crew Travel Arrangements. 

Parts and Yacht Clearance

We are experienced in receiving and shipping through most means including DHL, FEDEX, UPS, Air, boat etc.

Special Occasions

We  love this part of our job! We also organise birthdays, weddings and romantic dinners on secluded beaches or a special party alongside trusted experienced professionals in our area. See our references.


Please send us your enquiry and we will try our best to help.

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Additional Services in Bequia

  • Yacht Management
  • Day Spas / Day off Activities
  • Accommodation – Hotels, Guest Houses and Villa Rentals
  • Chart Briefings
  • Excursions and Tours 
  • Communications - Telephone, Fax, E-mail
  • Crew Placement
  • Customs and Immigration
  • Customs Clearance and Delivery of Parts, Equipment, Provisions, etc.
  • Provisioning
  • Transportation Arrangements – Car Hire, Taxis, private travel
  • FedEx, DHL, UPS etc 


Katie has been living and working in the area (St Lucia, Grenada, Bequia, Union Island)  for many years organising charter holidays, hotel stays and island hopping itineraries and much more over the years. She has a group of reliable friends, business colleagues and contacts on all the islands. 

Having been brought up on the sea and having worked as a captain and Yachtmaster Instructor in her early 20s and on larger yachts in the med and the Caribbean before moving permanently to the Grenadines, Katie knows the industry well.  She has a full  understanding of everything that is required by a busy charter yacht and crew and understands the area and its challenges in order to get things done smoothly and efficiently.

Katies office team in Bequia have lived on the islands all their life and have hospitality and tourism training. They really do appreciate your business and they will do what they can to deliver excellent customer service at all times.

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